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Multi-Media Online Course

Every module is comprised of a set of slideshows, videos and short quizzes designed to take approximately 3h15 minutes to complete. Learners may proceed at their own pace, completing one module at a time as it fits their schedule or completes the unit all at once. Each module takes approx. 15 minutes to complete. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the unit.


Transformative multi-media learning that meets its reconciliation commitment

  • This highly engaging online course will motivate individuals to learn because of the high caliber authentic content provided in a variety of learning tools (text, audio, video, quiz, certificate of completion).

  • Engaging films that reach the hearts and minds of Canadians and which shines a bright light on Indigenous Peoples.

  • 4K-video quality video which brings 21st century media solutions.

4 Seasons of Reconciliation

follows Indigenous principles and was formed under the guidance of our Indigenous Advisory Circle and the First Nations University of Canada. This resource can assist you with providing respectful reconciliation education in the workplace